How Your Virtual Business Can Benefit From Direct Mail Retargeting

31 December 2018
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As the owner of an online business, you probably understand just how important it is to capitalize on every single click that you receive via your company's website. The hits that you get from the public can be looked at as the equivalent of a potential buyer walking into your brick-and-mortar building and looking around. It's virtual currency and you can't afford to let it go to waste. Instead of taking a passive approach to the world of digital marketing it's time for you to get active. Read More 

Multi-Channel Marketing: The Importance Of Radio, Internet, And TV Ads

5 August 2018
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Multi-channel marketing is the strategy of having multiple connections with potential customers across different advertising channels. A single customer may see a commercial on TV, hear a radio advertising spot, and also see a banner ad on the internet. Multi-channel marketing can be very powerful, but it also has to be used correctly, or it can become very expensive. Here's what you need to know. What are the Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing? Read More 

3 Tips For Developing Effective Public Outreach Campaigns

16 March 2018
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Public outreach campaigns are essential for disseminating any number of messages that can push community members toward better health, safety, or an overall better environment. The way you design your campaign will have a substantial influence on the way it is received. Change Your Approach For Different Audiences The same objective for public outreach campaigns will likely need varied approaches depending on different segments of your audience. For example, if your goal is centered around public health and you want to encourage people to be tested for some condition, presenting your campaign through different modalities can help. Read More 

First Time Running for Office? Here’s What a Political Polling Service Can Do for You

11 January 2018
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You and your party can't be expected to know everything there is to know about managing an effective campaign when it's your first time running for office. Letting service providers such as political polling agencies, like Political Robo Calling,  do some of the legwork will not only take some stress off your shoulders, but it will teach your team valuable information and techniques that can be used in campaigns during the coming years. Read More