3 Tips For Developing Effective Public Outreach Campaigns

16 March 2018
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Public outreach campaigns are essential for disseminating any number of messages that can push community members toward better health, safety, or an overall better environment. The way you design your campaign will have a substantial influence on the way it is received.

Change Your Approach For Different Audiences

The same objective for public outreach campaigns will likely need varied approaches depending on different segments of your audience. For example, if your goal is centered around public health and you want to encourage people to be tested for some condition, presenting your campaign through different modalities can help. The younger demographic will likely respond better to ad campaigns on social media, whereas some older members of the population might notice billboards more often. Utilizing public transit, if available, as a way to disseminate information is always a good choice. Motorists can see campaigns on the side of large buses, and those who use mass transit will likely notice smaller ads inside of mass transit vehicles, especially on lengthy commutes.

Be Approachable In Your Message

The last thing you want to do is encourage your audience to perform some action that is difficult or inaccessible. Generally, when community organizations encourage testing, they make sure to include information on the ease of the process. The public can ask their regular doctor about a specific condition or simply call a number to schedule a test. Before designing a public outreach campaign, you will need to figure out how to make your goal realistic for the average person, otherwise your campaign will not be successful. For example, a problem would occur with your campaign if you encourage people to recycle old electronics, but you have not formulated easy drop-off points or ways to mail in devices, free of postage charges.

Use Repetition

Repetition is crucial for public outreach because you want your audience to be consistently reminded to perform an action. This means you should utilize a wide variety of outlets for your campaign and make sure to keep the campaign running for several months. In addition to common channels, such as social media, television, and radio, include mailings. Although many people consider traditional mailings to be outdated, they can still have an impact. If you choose to do any mailings, make sure they stand out among other mail. Use heavier, glossy postcards printed in color. The color, texture, and weight of mailings can make people take a second glance. Look for community events where you can display your message. Many localities have festivals, block parties, or other events that are the ideal time to be seen.

Without the right combination of approaches, many public outreach campaigns can fall by the wayside. Using different platforms for your message and making sure your message is realistic will be the most effective approach. Look into resources like allianceoutreach.com for more information.