Taking It Around The Globe: Your Top 3 Actions For Success When Moving Your Products Internationally

14 February 2019
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Having a successful product in your state or city should be celebrated. Having a product that you are nearly ready to take global is a rarity that should be treated with the highest honor. If you have a product that has performed well at home and you are interested in taking your product global, it is a good idea to start out with just one or two other nations before shipping your product to a number of continents across the map. Before you prepare your products, you will need to perform the appropriate research to find the right areas and niche. Here are some things that you need to do in order to decide where to place your products in another nation.

1. Have ethnographic market research performed

Your product line will be successful in another nation only if there is a need or a desire for the product. In order to find out if your product will fit into the daily lives of the people who are in the nation, you will need to perform ethnographic international market research. Have your researchers study the daily lives of families in the region where you would like to place your products. The study should include their lifestyle's personal needs, their activities, and their general preferences. The research can be done on a micro scale through observation and on a macro level with research performed to determine the most popular products in the country itself. This will let you know which countries have similar lifestyles to yours and who would be most likely to purchase your items. 

2. Do a soft release

If there is interest in your product and a need on the market, the best thing to do next is to have a soft release of the product in the country. Before the soft release, you should set up proper marketing to advertise the items arrival before it is released in stores. A soft release provides a limited amount of the item in the country in order to test its popularity. If the product release is very popular and garners a lot of positive feedback, a full release should soon be slated. 

3. Continue to monitor cultural shifts

Cultural shifts can mean a shift away from old values and a shift away from older products. Countries that are going through a cultural shift and are moving towards thinking and ideas that aline with your home countries may have a desire for your product on the market. Monitoring international cultural shifts can help you figure out your next product placement and next regional success. 

For more information, contact your local ethnography international market research services today.