3 Ways Your Business Can Use IP Targeting Software

6 November 2019
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IP targeting is an ingenious way of getting your message out to the right people. This can mean no more wasted advertising on people who will not or cannot purchase from you and you can sculpt your message based on customer demographics.

Smarter Advertising

Since IP targeting allows you to show ads based on a user's location, you may choose not to show certain ads to people who are not within the local area. This practice is ideal for small businesses that may only have a brick-and-mortar location. Even businesses that ship worldwide can fine-tune their advertisements or information on their website based on a user's IP address.

For example, if your business sells many types of items, you may want to promote cold-weather clothing and gear to people currently experiencing winter, whereas other countries might see promotions for summer items. Sometimes potential customers are more receptive to personalized recommendations and are more likely to make a purchase.

Better Address Legal Concerns

Some businesses primarily or exclusively sell items that are restricted in certain states or countries, which makes advertising on a wide scale difficult. This can be a frustrating experience for potential customers to go through the process of checking out, only to find they cannot complete their order. The easiest way to address any restrictions is to let visitors to your website know upfront.

For example, depending on where you live, professional-grade pesticides may be illegal for individuals to purchase. If a person from a restricted location visits your website, they could receive a pop-up that tells them about this restriction, but lists other items they could purchase, such as pest control products marketed for residential use or natural alternatives.

Showcase Special Promotions

IP addresses can be used for businesses that routinely have promotions. A local store might have a special event or demonstration, and may want people within a certain radius to see information about the event. Similarly, you might choose to offer people who visit your website a better incentive to come to a physical location if they happen to live further away. This can be a good strategy for brick-and-mortar stores that want to expand their reach.

Sometimes promotions can have a charitable theme. Perhaps people with certain IP addresses recently experienced a natural disaster or other widespread problem. This would be an excellent time to offer a coupon for a higher discount on food, clothing, batteries, or other items that may be needed during times of rebuilding.

IP targeting software is a tool for advertising but its benefits go beyond simple ad campaigns. The same tools can be used to transform your website and help you send different messages that cater to your visitors. Contact local marketing services to learn more.