Digital Advertising That Will Educate Your Clients

19 August 2019
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If you own a local construction business and you serve numerous clients, there are many times when you may be overbooked and request that your customers remain seated in the waiting area until it is their turn. You can go the 'old school' route and provide everyone with a televison or stack of magazines to keep them busy or you can integrate digital signage to provide insight about your company and details about some of the projects that you specialize in. 

What Is Digital Signage And How Can It Help?

Digital signage utilizes LCD or LED technology. Think of a flatscreen television and the hardware and software that is needed to display a pre-recorded video. Digital signage works similarly. You are in control of what is presented and you can change the display as often as you would like. If you are pressed for time or if you want to stick to the same set of videos and informational tutorials, prepare a single recording that is looped so that the entire presentation repeats itself over and over.

This type of signage can be used to inform people about your company and the various projects that you and your employees can handle. It can also be used to describe materials that are popular or a cost analysis for some standard projects.

By using this type of advertising, your customers will be better informed about the construction field and may decide upon the type of project that interests them or some details that they would like to add to an existing project. For anyone who isn't very familiar with your company, the messages that are projected may ease one's mind or may persuade someone to go ahead and hire your company for their construction needs.

What About Resolution, Placement, And Complete Packages?

The resolution and placement of signage are two important aspects to review. If your clients will be seated in a moderately-sized room, you can choose a wall display or a large floor model. For a small waiting area, you may want to choose an interactive kiosk model or a smaller wall display. A lower resolution should be used for viewers who will not be sitting close to the screen and a higher resolution should be used if people will be seated close to a display.

The higher the resolution is, the more defined the images will be. People who will not be close to a display will not be able to see the details very well, so a larger font or picture size and a lower resolution will work well. 

If the screen will contain backlight technology, the display may be compromised if direct sunlight is aiming toward the screen. Consider closing drapes and hanging or setting the signage in an area that will not be subjected to external light sources. You can purchase individual components, which include a screen, kiosk, software, or hardware or you can bundle the items together so that you receive a complete digital package that can be set up and utilized.