3 Different Ways to Advertise Within a Stadium

23 September 2016
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If you are looking for a place to advertise where you can ensure that thousands of people are going to see your ad, you should look into advertising within a stadium. There are several different ways to advertise within a stadium, so it is easy to choose one or more options that you feel are best for you. This article will discuss three different ways to do stadium advertising


Both above and below most scoreboards, there are locations that are often sold for advertising. Since fans are always looking at the scoreboard to see the score of the game as well as any other information the board may display, you can ensure that they are going to see your sign multiple times throughout the course of the game. You can choose a larger or smaller slot for advertising on the scoreboard, depending on how much you have to spend on advertising. 


There are also going to be slots for advertising that go all the way around the arena. A lot of these slots are taken up by the sponsors of the home team, but there are likely still several open slots. You can choose an eye-catching, vinyl sign to attach to the arena wall in hopes that it will catch the eye of as many of the thousands of fans in the stadium as possible. You can also choose the size of your vinyl banner, depending on how much you are willing to pay.


One of the more expensive but also most effective ways to advertise in a stadium setting is going to be through advertising on the jumbotron. When it comes to advertising on the jumbotron, you have a few different options. You can have an add pop up on the screen in between the times when people watch the game live and watch instant replays. This is a simple screen shot that would look much like a material sign would. You also have the option of showing an actual commercial for advertising purposes. Showing an entire commercial is obviously going to cost more than just a screen shot, but it is also much more likely to capture the attention of the audience, thus increasing the possibility of it bringing in more customers for your business. 

Restroom Ads

It is inevitable that people are going to need to use the restroom throughout the course of the game. Because of this, advertising in the bathroom is a great idea. Your signs can be on the back of the bathroom stall doors as well as next to the sinks. Since the person in the stall is going to stare right at the door where your advertisement is located, it will be very hard for them to miss. This is especially true if your sign is bright and eye catching.