A Basic Guide To Creating Your Own Swipe Program For Mobile Website Optimization

18 July 2016
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Maximizing your website's mobile presence involves creating codes that make it easier to swipe and interact with your site using only your fingers. While there are plug-ins that you can use for this need, there are also a variety of programming techniques that you can utilize to make this easier.

Understanding Programming The Events

There are a variety of programs and gestures that you need to include in your program in order to make it effective. The most basic of these is "swipe." This will detect when a finger touches the screen and is dragged across it.

It will not only detect this action, but the movement of the swipe and the speed. A basic swipe event code, integrates a variety of functions, including specific directions (swipeLeft, swipeRight, swipeUp, and swipeDown), as well as the distance (up to 100 pixels), duration (in seconds), and finger count (up to two). You need to program multiple events using this format and those handlers in order to cover all possible events.

Other Gestures That Must Be Integrated

Beyond the "swipe" command you just programmed are a variety of other finger gestures that must be integrated into your programming. For example, you're going to have to integrate the following gestures to help make sure that your site's swipe function works properly:

  • Tap – briefly touching the surface, used for "clicking" on links
  • Double Tap – two quick taps of the surface, used for zooming
  • Pinch And Spread – touching surface with two fingers and spreading for more precise zooming
  • Press – touching and holding the surface, used for "right clicking" items to open up sub-menus

Without getting into the nuts and bolts of the programming language, your handlers are going to include the strength of the pressure you assert on the screen, the exact location where you touched the screen, and the direction your fingers moved.

Test The Gestures Before Implementing

As with any program, you need to test your gestures before you try integrating your program with your website programming. Typically, you can do a manual test by simply interacting with your screen using the commands. If they interact in unpredictable or inappropriate ways, go through your code, line by line, and check where you made a mistake in your parameters.

However, you can also use any number of Java programming testing tools that will automatically check your programming languages for simple mistakes. These will catch obvious errors that will cause your program to crash, rather than testing inappropriate parameter values, such as too high of a pixel movement level for swipe.

Follow these guidelines to maximize your website's mobile presence and make it easier for your users to use it. However, if you are having trouble programming and need help, don't be afraid to reach out to a programming company instead. They can help create a simple swipe code that works with your website and which helps bring plenty of traffic and customers to your site. Contact a business, such as Printibution inc., for more information.