Three Forms Of Aerial Advertising And How They Can Work For You

3 May 2016
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When you think of marketing strategies, you probably think of online and e-communications strategies first. However, some of the older forms of marketing and promotions are still tried and true. Take aerial advertising, for example. There are three ways you can approach aerial advertising, and all of them leave a lasting impression on customers and consumers who see and read your ads via these methods. Here are descriptions of the three forms of aerial advertising and how they can work for you.


Skywriting grabs people's attention because it is not every day that you can look up in the sky and watch a plane write actual words in smoke. When you hire a skywriter, he or she can write short messages in the air that will stick with viewers for days, long after the message itself vanishes into thin air. Just remember to keep your message short and sweet because the skywriter will run out of writing smoke if you ask for something too long. Also be sure to include a telephone number with your sky message so potential customers can call you.

Flying Banners

Flying banners can be printed up with just about anything you want to say, plus contact information. Then a pilot attaches these banners to the rear of the plane and flies around town. You buy the banner, and you pay for as many passes overhead that you want. It is the equivalent to creating a television commercial and airing it whenever you want, except that you get "primetime" pick of when the plane and the flying banner ad air up above.

Buying Advertising Space on the Side of a Plane

You have probably seen the ads on the sides of taxis, buses and even barns, but did you know you could buy advertising space on the sides of planes? It is very eyecatching, both in the air and on the ground. It may be very expensive to negotiate ad space with major airlines, but private plane owners who usually need extra cash to fuel and maintain their planes might take you up on your offer. After a professional artist paints the ad onto the side of the plane, customers can see it and read it when the plane is on the tarmac and when it flies low overhead. An excellent time to attempt this particular form of airplane advertising is during an EAA  (Experimental Aircraft Association) fly-in or airplane convention, where thousands of people will see the advertising on the ground and in the air.