4 Types Of Restaurant Promotional Videos To Help Draw In Customers

27 April 2016
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When working in the food industry, strong visuals can go a long way. The creation of professional videos allows you to feature your restaurant through services like YouTube and Instagram. It's [a] great way to draw customer attention and showcase your unique menu. When working with video production services, there are four different types of promotional videos that can be created to help promote your restaurant. Each video showcases a different side of your business and can be used throughout your marketing campaign.

Sounds of Food

Creating a dynamic video is not just about seeing amazing visuals, but adding sounds to them as well. Instead of using voice-overs, you can let the food do the talking with a sounds of food promotional video. For example if you own a steak restaurant, you can showcase a sizzling steak platter, the sound of beer getting poured into a mug, or the crunch of a fresh salad. If you own a breakfast diner, you can feature the crack of a fresh egg, the sizzle of a sausage on a griddle, or the pouring of freshly brewed coffee. During a workday, take the time to really notice the sounds of your restaurant and think of ways to implement them into a video.

A Peek Into the Kitchen

Provide potential customers with a look into your cooking process. By hiring a professional production team, video footage can be captured of how much time and effort goes into various meals that are made. Capture footage of a pizza getting toppings added. Showcase a dinner entree getting plated with special care. Customers do not often get to see the kitchen, so adding this special touch can make a huge difference on their perception of your restaurant.

Customer Experiences

A video production crew can help you create a documentary-style video that showcases real customer experiences. By recording customers eating your restaurant, the footage can showcase them during the meal and then their thoughts afterwards. This can help you capture a number of positive soundbites that can showcase praise for your restaurant directly from the customer's mouth.

The Restaurant Experience

A lot of times, eating out is not just about the food, but about the experience you get while eating there. This can be showcased through a promotional video that features all of the extras at your restaurant. Shots can showcase the bar area, desserts that offered, and the overall theme of the restaurant. It can also showcase extras like kid's meals, holiday specials, and events that you may have like live bands or karaoke.

A video production company can help you plan out your ideas and make them come to life through professional editing and design.