3 Tips For Incorporating Social Media Into Your Business's Brand Management Strategy

25 April 2016
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If you are in charge of your business's brand management strategy, you may have decided to start incorporating the use of social media to increase awareness of your company. If so, use the following tips to effectively add social media into your plan.

Decide Which Platforms To Use

Before making accounts at all of the social media platforms, decide on the specific ones you feel will most benefit your business. While you may be tempted to use all of the social media sites, you do not want to spread yourself too thin by having to keep up with multiple accounts.

Benefits to consider are the popularity of the site, the type of potential customers you wish to reach, and the ease of use. For example, if your company sells products that would appeal to the general public, sites that promote personal relationships may serve your purpose. However, if you offer services to business, an professional social media site may help you by letting you network with other business owners.

Find Out What Your Followers Enjoy

Once you have decided which platforms to use and have created an account, find out what types of posts your followers may enjoy most. While you want to get the word out about your product or service, you also want to catch your audience's eyes by providing information along with your advertisements, such as a thought-provoking anecdote or a humorous account or meme to represent what you have to offer.

One way to find out what your audience enjoys is to ask them. Many social media sites offer a poll feature that you could use to ask what your followers want to see. By giving them a few choices, you not only make them feel empowered about deciding on the content they will see from your site, but the interaction can make your page stand out from the rest as one that cares about what your customers think.

Create And Stick To A Posting Schedule

After you have discovered what your followers want, make a schedule of when you will post information, memes, and advertisements. When making your posting schedule, stick to it to have better organization over your posts, plus help you keep track of the popularity of them to help further determine future postings.

When making out your schedule, make sure you do not plan on posting too much within a day, as this could be considered spam. On the flip side, however, you do not want to go too long without posting, such as once a week, as this could make your followers forget about you.

Using the above tips can help you start successfully utilizing social media to make your business's name familiar to the public. However, if you find you need further advice on brand management, you may want to contact a marketing agency for advice and to discuss various strategies available to you.