Three Reasons To Choose Text Message Marketing For Your Business

23 April 2016
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Marketing your business to current and potential customers can help to build excitement around your products and promotions. Bringing your marketing campaigns into the digital age can work to extend your reach to your target market, and text messaging campaigns offer a great way to get your message out. Here are a few reasons to consider text messaging for your next marketing campaign.

Environmentally Friendly

While mailing coupons and fliers to customers has been a popular option in the past, printing these marketing materials can cause a considerable amount of waste. Unsolicited marketing mailers are often considered junk mail, which people may end up throwing in the trash. The EPA estimates that nearly 4 million tons of junk mail are produced annually, and half of that mail ends up in landfills. By sending coupons and sales alerts through text messages, you can reduce your company's contribution to paper waste and show your customers your commitment to conservation.

Immediate Access

A recent survey showed that 84 percent of respondents reported they could not go a single day without their mobile device. With so many people keeping their phones close at hand, text message marketing offers an easy way to reach customers. Instead of having to search through the Sunday paper or print a coupon online, a text message coupon stays with your customers throughout the day. This also means that your customers are likely to have the coupons with them when they arrive at your store, making it easy for them to take advantage of the promotions you offer.

Simple To Use

Text message promotions are easy for your customers to use. They often include a link to your website detailing current promotions, which sends the customer directly to your site. For coupon promotions, text messages include a link to a QR code. This code can be scanned at checkout for an easy way to receive a discount. Your customers can simply present their phones to your cashiers, eliminating the need to carry paper coupons when they shop.

Your text marketing company can help you to craft a marketing campaign for your business. Whether you want to provide exclusive access to VIP customers for promotions or you want to expand your customer base with new coupons and sales, text message marketing can help you reach your target audience and provide an easy way for customers to enjoy discounts on your products and services.